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We now offer video conferencing for all mediations via Zoom, including introduction and follow-up meetings.

As a reminder, our first hour is always free, whether we meet in person or over the internet.

We are here to help you through this difficult time in your lives.


Alan Finkel
Divorce Mediation Center

A peaceful,
alternative to
divorce litigation.

Our Mediators help you make a bad
situation less painful and far less costly.

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Why Mediate with Us?

Avoid the emotional and financial strife caused by divorce

Be heard.

As a neutral third party, your mediator is trained to help both of you negotiate your positions and build agreement.

Our experienced staff minimize the hostility that normally accompanies a divorce.

Better outcomes.

Settlements work because they’re based on voluntary agreement, guided by us, but designed by you.

Mediation improves the chances of a successful childhood.

Staying out of court saves thousands in legal costs, and judges making decisions for you.

A fresh start.

Mediation is confidential. Private family matters remain private.

Mediation saves time: a handful of sessions keeps you out of court proceedings that can last for years.

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How Mediation Works



Your first session is introductory, providing you a detailed explanation of the process.

If both of you agree to continue, we proceed with a confidentiality agreement.

All that is necessary is the recognition that the marriage should be ended.


Work Through

We can help you arrive at decisions concerning Division of Marital Property, Spousal Support, Child Support, Custody/Visitation and more.

Your mediator will educate you on current laws around your issues and what would likely happen in court. This better enables the decision making process.



The goal is to create a voluntary settlement that works for both of you, and your children

Our mediators are trained to facilitate and negotiate each party’s positions with the other party.

The mediator is completely unbiased, and experienced.

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The Cost of Mediation

Save thousands of dollars in litigation fees
with our cost-effective plan to help you navigate this process.


Together, our initial consultation will be a working hour where the mediator will obtain your information and present an overview of the process and the issues presented.

Whether or not you choose to use our services, that first hour is always free.


While the total cost can vary, the majority of the couples that we see can get a divorce or legal separation for a flat fee of $3,500 (plus court costs), which includes three sessions with a mediator and our guidance and expertise throughout the entire process.

Please contact us to learn more, or to schedule your first complimentary, no obligation session.


Pacing the sessions a week apart (or more) is encouraged, to allow both parties to absorb provided information, and think about each issue before reconvening.

Each session lasts one hour, and starts on time on the hour.

Proceed at your own pace – you are never pressured to return any faster than you feel comfortable.

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Who are the Mediators?


We only use active matrimonial attorneys with a minimum of 10 years’ experience, who have completed at least 40 hours of mediation training, making them eligible members of the Academy of Family Mediators.

Although we are attorneys, we serve you as mediators.


Once we start, we can never represent either party individually – so all of the experience we bring is unbiased.

The mediator has no “hidden” agenda; his or her goal is to get you to a binding agreement to obtain a divorce of legal separation.


Our Founder, Alan L. Finkel, started the Divorce Mediation Center in 1998, under the belief that mediation is a better alternative to marital dissolution. Mediation minimizes hurt and anger.

He is married with four children and five grandchildren, and lives in Commack, N.Y.

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Divorce or Legal Separation?

Which works better for you? Let's look at common situations, below:


With a legal separation, health insurance coverage continues at the same cost for the party lacking his or her own separate health insurance policy, if children are beneficiaries.


Legal separations can often save thousands of dollars with the ability to file taxes jointly.

For tax advice, consult your tax advisor. Our CPA can answer your tax questions for a reasonable fee.


Should you choose a legal separation, you must remain legally separated for at least one year, before either of you can convert it into a divorce.


Legally separated couples can still reside together, which is now more common due Long Island’s high cost of living.

We help put everything in place: asset distribution, debts and expenses; child and/or spousal support; and any other child-related issues.


A divorce is necessary if either party wishes to remarry.

We'll Help
You Decide

Your mediator will help you decide which method of dissolving your marriage works best for you.

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Talk to Us Today.

Start with an initial session, that acts as a free consultation,
if you choose not to continue the process and retain us to assist you in dissolving your marriage.

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